Business support

Streamlined access from the carriage porch entrance to your office,
to dining and shopping, and to the hotel.

Convenient road mobility in every direction thanks to the location
at the intersection of Shwedagon Pagoda Road and Pantra Street.

Separation of entrances to offices, serviced apartments and the hotel ensure
the smooth flow of people in and out of the complex.
Access by automobile is also excellent thanks to a location at the intersection to two key roads.
And no matter the weather conditions, VIP visitors arrive dry and in comfort
at the piloti-style carriage porch in front of the office building entrance.

1F Floor Plan and Site Layout

Daily workstyle enriched by easy access to a café, a convenience store
and other planned retail facilities on site.

The YCOMPLEX vision includes bringing restaurant, café, convenience store and other retail tenants
into retail space it enhances office life. Office tenants can also take advantage
of hotel facilities including a Japanese restaurant, spa and lounge, and make an unforgettable impression
on VIP guests. Serviced apartments next door to the office complete a fulfilling
work life with accommodations for long-term stays.

Floor Map


Soaring to a height of 2 stories, the lofty ceiling of the Entrance Lobby is striking.
In a corner of the Lobby, the reception counter welcomes and assists visitors to their destination.
Protecting office floors from unauthorized visitors, the flapper gate leads to the elevator hall.
Impressing with its liberating and luxurious ambience and the confidence of solid security,
this space is just the prelude to office space of superior grade and elegance.