Office layout example (CG rendering of envisaged completion)

Office building elevator hall (CG rendering of envisaged completion)

Office building Power Room (CG rendering of envisaged completion)

Total single floor area of approx. 2,800㎡ and rectangular configuration
empower your business with space and layout flexibility.

The virtually square rectilinear space enables
partitioning of a floor into diverse configurations.
Ceiling height of 2,800mm and wall-spanning views through the lavish use
of glass create an openness of space while cutting-edge office specifications
enhance the modern styling. Attention to quality extends
to every aspect of the common areas from the hallways to the toilet facilities.
Here is an office environment ready to answer
the exciting future and business potential of Yangon.

Office building elevator hall

Catering to the needs of your business with high-grade specifications and facilities.

Office flooe cross-section view

Total floor area(standard office floor): 2,800㎡

Minimum leasable space:
approx. 117㎡~
Answering the diverse needs of tenants with leasable space from a minimum floor area of about 117㎡.
Raised floor: approx. 100mm
High degree of office layout freedom thanks to the ease of laying various cables securely under the floor and out of sight.
Maximum floor load bearing strength: 1,000kg/㎡
“Heavy duty” zone in the area surrounding the building core.
Grid system ceiling
Comprising 600mm × 600mm modules, the grid system ceiling features 2-lamp system lighting.
Grid system ceiling to be implemented
Low-e pair glass
Superior solar shielding and heat insulation properties.
Barrier-free toilet
Barrier-free toilets are installed at 2 locations on each floor.
Ceiling height: 2,800mm
Freeing the spirit and creativity with the liberating ambience of a high-ceilinged workplace.
HVAC zoning
From switching individual vent air flow ON/OFF to adjusting temperature setting, tenants can control workplace climate in the smallest possible zones.
Office building Power Room

Energize communications, improve work efficiency and respond
to diverse workstyle needs with YSQUARE office layout flexibility.

“Island” Layout

Floor area: approx. 700㎡

General Seating Capacity
Maximum: 158 persons
(including 2 MG desks)
Standard Desk Dimensions
“Island” interval: 2,000mm

For a workplace where each department can focus on their work, the “island” layout plan is recommended.
However, by not fixing desk assignments to individuals, this layout can also be applied to a “free address” workstyle with seat usage according to each project.

Activity-based Working
(ABW) Layout

Floor area: approx. 700㎡

General Seating Capacity
Maximum: 204 persons
(including sofa)
Standard Desk Dimensions
“Island” interval: 2,000mm

Featuring café-like space to welcome a wide range of work, this innovative layout is ideal for IT enterprises and other companies which desire a more flexible workstyle environment. At the same time, it can also accommodate standard layout zones for general affairs and other departments which thrive in a more structured workplace.