Tenant safety and security is our top priority from routine security
of premises to ensuring business community in emergencies.

3 emergency power generators (2,500KVA) and 36 hours of fuel oil supply for continued supply
of electricity in a power outages. Piloti-type carriage porch to support comfortable automobile usage even in poor
weather conditions. Parking spaces for 524 vehicles (shared with the hotel). Robust pile foundation
with piles driven down to the depth of the solid bedrock strata.
BEMS(Building Energy Management System)for visualization of energy utilization. 24/365 manned
security and up to 4 levels of office premise access usingconvenient and speedy non-contact IC card security.

24/365 Security

In addition to 24-hour building safety and management provided by security staff,
tenants can select up to 4 levels of additional security based on the non-contact IC card system.

Entire complex is robustly supported by a deep pile foundation driven down to solid bedrock.